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11th March 2015

The wonder-full grace of transendence beyond attachment within duality, is the sustenance of easy peace and flow within ones soul. Good morning!

Project Camelot's interview of Simon Parkes titled The Measure of a Man finally showed up in my play queue for a second viewing after months since my first viewing. This was recorded before and during the Bases Project conference.

Certainly his admission to a 1/3 reptilian soul and membership in illuminati operations, coming out overtly as an elected official, is in alignment with a corresponding self "outing" by Andew Basagio as CIA and time-traveler, whereas Simon's mum was working for the NSA, so we're seeing the exposure in a gentle way of the Military / Security Industrial Extra / Ultra Gaian reality, in small pieces, which is obviously a necessary progression.

OK, crystal faery, where does this all lead?
It is a sign that the people are beginning to awaken to realities that some of us have been witnessing, or even participating in, for many years, and that the "lifting of the veil", or the awakening from a very limited collective illusion to a much broader reality, is progressing due to a collective choice. This is a very good thing, regardless some details may be uncomfortable for some. For example, the interview reveals the truth behind the Fukushima "event", which some of us have always known was an intentionally technologially created event, but extends that information to the exo-political motivation behind that creation.

At our core we beleive in the right of each soul to consciousness and free will. As we are all one, and the one is in each of us, none of us are immune from anything.

Always we come back to reality creation by thought, word, and deed, and therefore, our primary success is related to being in creator role, or in being motivated in reaction. Learning by contrast that which is not our preferred reality, our most important choice is to invert the awareness, and put our attention and intention into creating a positive reality, Gaia.


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2014-12-13 13:45:55+00:00
I just awake from a lucid dream of Barium Titanate being used in 3D Printing applications so I'm busy researching this compound on the web... and discover it's suitable for capacitors, which would allow directly 3D printing electric circuits.
2014-12-13 13:56:53+00:00
It is also usable to make microphones, and electro-optical transducers, which would be very useful in electrical circuits, as we have known for a while that it will be a direction of growth that electricial circuits will become electro-optical circuits, as photonic processing replaces electrical processing in computers, and I am hereby stating that it is my invention to use it in quantum computing done with photons via BaTiO3 transducers.
2014-12-13 14:02:25+00:00
The use of BaTiO3 in integrated circuits will be essential to replace our current Silicon based binary circuits with tri-state circuits accomplishing trinary computing.
2014-12-13 14:05:23+00:00
Naturally, as the inventor of BaTiO3 Ternary Computing, I immediately claim all rights in private status rather than corporate status, and I immediately license these rights in toto in perpetuity as open source, that no one else may restrict the use of such technology as proprietary, it shall be freely available for all of humanity throughout the Galaxy.
2014-12-13 14:12:26+00:00
Spirit Tomril, of the crystal faeries family of beings known as Ishnaans, incarnate as celeste:crystalfaery of Kaua'i, a sovereign nation of Gaia.
2014-12-13 14:17:08+00:00

2015-03-11 08:09:00+00:00 in InWorldz Text Chat:
[01:09:02] Celestial Angela: let me ask another way...
[01:09:03] Celestial Angela: what do you think of Barium Titanate
           as photonic superconductor quantum computing element?
[01:11:23] Shiva chemist: Titanates are very rare and hard to see too
[01:11:35] Shiva chemist: slightly hard to prepare as well
[01:12:10] Shiva chemist: Barium titanate is usually prepared
           by dissolving Titanium dioxide in molten Barium hydroxide
[01:12:42] Celestial Angela: awesome, maybe you're the one
           to take this idea and put it into production
[01:13:12] Celestial Angela: my higher self (spirit) was very insistent
           this is the next thing in computing technology
[01:15:15] Shiva chemist: Barium titanate is not that hard to prepare anyway
           as Barium hydroxide is easy meltable
[01:15:28] Shiva chemist: just will take time to dissolve it
[01:16:02] Celestial Angela: usual circuit making is
           with layers of vapor deposition through a mask
[01:16:52] Celestial Angela: but I'm not going to be corporate enough
           to follow through on building the hardware,
[01:16:53] Celestial Angela: so i just open sourced the idea

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