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27th January 2015

As we review our thoughts, words, and deeds, (by which we create our own reality), in the light of convergence upon congruence, (the issue I've raised in recent days), either by introspection, or by viewing our reflections, either in the glass mirror in the physical world, or in the mirroring of our relationships with other beings, we can see where we are in alignment with our authentic self, or where incongruence requires our attention to integration.

The pattern i am noticing in relating with others, since we entered the current Mercury Rx cycle, is a matter of focus of attention, with mindfulness to the knowing that, we empower that upon which we focus our attention. One of those forms of attention is resistance or denial or avoidance. i consider it worth a certain amount of attention to a problem, to the extent that i can identify by contrast the positive alternative, and then invest my attention into that solution / creation. The negative alternative is only worthy of enough attention to clearly identify what about it is incongruent with my own essence. Having reached neutrality about such reality, i can then move on to ignore it, (versus deny having a non-neutral charge about it), and focus upon creation of appropriate energies and realities.

As i have worked for decades in the role of "healer", i am quite accustomed to people bringing to me their "problems", and guiding them to release their attachment to having those, and guiding them to a focus upon creating or allowing a positive alternative. However, in some cases, fully facing the cause of some problems, (always some underlaying choice the individual has made), produces enough cognitive or emotional dissonance, as previously denied energies are brought to the surface, that they are unwilling to even contemplate the necessary changes, or they then become stuck on a conflictory/contradictory will, e.g. where they are unwilling to release a "pay-off" benefit they are getting from persisting in the choice which also produces "the problem" of which they wish to be relieved. Often, the pay-off which an individual is unwilling to release, is the righteous end of a blame-game... avoiding self responsiblity as the creator of their reality, and persisting in pointing not only their own, but also other people's attention to, some other being(s) (or their behaviours), as "the cause of some problem", affecting either their self, or many or all of "us".

As i have been contemplating my own role in these shared reality cocreations, i am finding that i am going to have to release my acquiescence to letting others direct the focus of my attention, or to validating the "reality" they are presenting, regardless how "real" they are attached to it being, and no matter how much i wish to validate them as my expression of loving them, it is quite simply a failure of my own self love, to allow them to direct my attention into either focussing upon, or validating as real for me, some negative "reality".

Years ago i had a friend make the observation: "It must be really painful to realize that most of the people in your life who call themselves your friends, are not with you for who you are, but for what you can do for them, (i.e. for free clairvoyant readings and healings).", to which i could only reply: "Yes.". As a consequence of that being brought to the foreground of my attention, i reviewed all my "friendships", and chose to change my boundaries, between "friendship" and "healing work". While i am again seeing a slight adjustment of similar nature now required with a few relationships, i am far more seeing the necessity of, (once again), setting clearer boundaries between my participation with those beings engaged with the dualities and dichotomies of duality, versus engaging appropriately with New-Gaia reality. Once again i am finding that i have been seduced by my own compassion for others, into engaging their self created and self chosen 4D- problems. However, for any and all relationships of appropriate friendship, the primary focus has to be this: "Within 5D+ New-Gaia reality, what shall we cocreate now?"

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