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29th August 2014

As i continue to integrate transcendence not only consciously but also with bodily changes i find myself challenged to describe in words what is merely felt. i have in recent years spontaneously experienced a complete realignment and rebuilding of damaged body structures. Through it all i have had faith in everything being frequency / energy, and working as an energy healer, i know "miracles" are not only possible, but regularly witness them. Another thing i know and beleive in depth is that healing comes from treating cause, not merely, as the medical profession does, by treating symptoms. Without delving into the original issues that created for me the symptom of experiencing a broken radius, ulna, and femur in a collision between my body on a motorcycle, and a car which ran a stopsign in front of me, i was left with the cause of physical trauma creating the symptom of body misalignment. A few years back my misaligned spine and pelvis began to realign spontaneously, as a symptom of my overall energetic healing cause. For a few months i was in pain, and could not really stand fully erect due to that pain, before the pelvic realignment completed, mind you this with no chiropracty, just done energetically as my body aligned to my perfect healthy energy body. This pushed the misalignment of my leg with the broken/mended femur down into the knee, as now the axis of bending of the knee with the correctly aligned pelvis was wrong, and so i began to experience pain in the misaligned knee joint. So, what did i do? i replaced my automobile with an electrically assisted bicycle, and got ever more exercise, until in the recent half year that burned out electrically, and i began walking much more. Recently I've been noticing only occasionally the very faintest of twinges of pain in that knee, signifying that it has indeed nearly completed rebuilding in correct alignment. My rememberance and awareness of this was triggered by yesterday's comment by a stranger about how fit i looked. Yes, actually more fit than when i was much younger, weighed more, and exercised less. i remind us all that none of us is older than 8 years physically, as even the slowest reproducing cells in our body last no longer than 8 years, versus e.g. the cells lining the stomach which survive less than 24 hours on a regular eating schedule. As we invoke our higher density perfect energy templates (cause), our bodies begin to rebuild upon them, rather than as medical science describes those who are not ascending, as suffering aging because with each new generation of cells the DNA telomeres shorten until you are left only with damaged DNA and "aging". The 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals i cocreated and deliver to people, bring us our perfect aetheric body templates, if necessary reaching back into the akashic records to find undamaged versions, and initiate the body's energetic re-youthing. As i have orbited our sun "Ra" more times, i have been youthing, not aging. But then i cognize and beleive in energetic healing as a way of life, and avoid the toxicity of the medical system.
"Let food be your medicine." -- Hippocrates
Remember that our food is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual... so eat organic in-season fresh uncooked or juiced locally-grown and well-loved vibrations E=MC2.

We see that the Cosmic Cosmic Gold+Silver ball of light we overnight placed over Kilauea, the grounding cord below it for the entire area, and the containing / protecting 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal specifically for Kilauea's forming intentional community of New-Gaia consciousness is solidly in place and humming brightly. This light is the light of source, and this kind of blessing is typical (in my tradition) for blessing a location, as it is completely neutral, and as a conduit of divine source, also carries the divine plan of free creation within love. In this case, however, we have a more specific focus for this area, that of the manifestation of the New-Gaia intentional community. To reflect this, we add to the ball of light, a contract. That contract is the plan of New-Gaia reality. One may join simply by connecting one's crown chakra to the ball of light. This is done with a figure-8 or infinity_symbol loop of light with the lobes of the loop. In the middle at the cross-over point (zero-point), we place a filter rose postulated to pass only appropriateness in honor of the individual so connected. This then becomes a standard (in my tradition) "synergy ball" of cocreation, the highest and most honoring form of cocreation between individuals, aligned to love, ahimsa, the divine plan, and the specifics of manifesting New-Gaia. As with many such energetic creations, i and my family of crystal faeries have stepped forward to take on the kuleana and dharma of maintaining the clarity, cleanliness, and ethics of this energetic creation. The vibrations of the light are a universal blessing of the area, from which all benefit. Those who agree with the contract and connect their crown chakras, are further blessed, to receive divine synergy assisting in the cocreation of Kilauea New-Gaia community. The specifics of the Kilauea New-Gaia prototype are directed by 9D Angelics and above. We 8D crystal faeries merely tend the manifestation thereof. This is the new mission and focus of i, tomril, one of the crystal faeries / ishnaans, and of our family of crystal faeries who are working through my embodiment as celeste:crystalfaery, for the Kilauea prototype for Kaua'i, which is the prototype for Gaia.

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