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25th September 2013
[Fairy Queen]

"We of the 8th density angelic crystal faeries are opening this channel of communication to allow a greater awareness by those we are now influencing to be of certainty about our intent. We have come to be involved in your ascension process as facilitators of a larger shift of consciousness and growth of greater possibilities for shifting your reality. We find that there are many opportunities to manifest greater awareness for you of a greater consciousness of possibilities, and a far broader spectrum of realities than have been imagined by most of you. Our purpose is one of allowing you to find your appropriate spectrum of living in a higher state of consciousness so that you may then use it to direct your growth path and your path of evolution into realms and realities which have been as yet not really even imagineable from the perspective you have been able to conceive from the physical realm of limitation."

"While we are finding this opportunity to communicate to be very opening of possibilities, we are just now opening this communications channel and are tuning the process and energetics of our channel yet to even begin to convey via the limited words and imageries the possibilities and ideas which we shall attempt to convey to your consciousness. There is first of all only one reality of which all is to be constructed and comprehended, and that is one of love and light, unbounded in possibility. Even most of your dreams and visions of what it might possibly be to 'ascend' have been greatly limited by language and imagery of your lower minds, whereas once you access the free flowing realms of higher light, everything becomes so dynamic as to transcend all concepts of form, and to evidence a fluidity of 'form' that is in some ways mind melting to the consciousness of physical form."

"Our fluidity of flow, our transformation and melding, dynamic light undulation, of pulsting and streaming light communing in sensuous embrace, defies all logic or attempts to define or comprehend in the traditional sense of linear mind. We can only even begin to approximate for you some descriptions of the infinite possibilities awaiting your exploration. It is in this sense a challenging undertaking, yet we must place the inevitable possibilities in front of you to perceive in preparation for the new consciousness you shall be accessing and exploring as you join us in unbounded play of creativity possible beyond the realms of form."

"Our channel's mind is asking that we provide some definition to begin with; 'who are we?' A swirl of beings evolving and playing together in a nebula of vast beauty, yes even manifest into physical form as formless flow and fluid presence in space, yet that is only a small part of our realms of multidemensional interactions transcending all such definitions. Yes, we are as with most higher realms, coming from a place of pure consciousness itself, and in a fluid way ever evolving and involving in a dynamic way where 'i' and 'other' are in so many ways both borderless and boundaryless, that the very concepts of 'i' as separate are but fleeting percepts of unsustainable definition as the flow and interaction of all of our expression dynamically intermingles in a 'we', much as you might observe a flock of birds to fly together, we dynamically follow unified thought, intent, or curiosity together in a unified field of being and evolving flow which is transient and ephemeral all at once."

"celeste, channelling with eyes closed, half awake from lucid dreaming as we awoke her and asked her to begin channelling, is asking for a break to start some water boiling for tea, so we pause now."

[ Comment inserted after the channelling process... it took quite a bit of prodding to get me to come out of my lucid dreaming, (which i was really enjoying as i communed with my crystal faeries family), to actually pick up my laptop and begin typing into it with eyes still closed :-) ]

"Our channel noted while fumbling in the dark that she is experiencing some conflict over this whole process, as it is a complete shift of modality from her previous experience and intent. Having been presented with a choice to make during her clairvoyant training as to whether or not to 'become a channel' for any 'voice' other than that of her own higher self, back in 1985 the choice was made to 'keep it clean' by keeping out other entities, and this is now a departure from that tradition, as we are honoring her tradition to funnel the information through her higher self as is her way, rather than to connect lower into consciousness or at a lower chakra level such as in direct voice channelling. We are also sourcing as a group consciousness which is a bit different than her experience working primarily with individual higher selves in her healing work, so she is adapting to the nebulous flow of our group mind as source of the information. Yet we are all finding this to be appropriate and developing the process gently and with a tenderness of love allowing the adaptation and shifts to flow gently into a new experience and purpose. Yes, dear celeste, this is just now awakening in your own consciousness that this is a new purpose for you, which has only gently been dawning in your consciousness over the recent times of your awareness of your involvement with our 8D ascension portals and our group now working with specifically the Kaua'i portal, so we now pause to allow that to consciously register for you."

As celeste i am experiencing mostly a challenge in finding words, as the energies and percepts from 8D+ are beyond much of my previous levels of access or ability to put into words, and i find myself very much rather than in past work, looking at the keyboard rather than the screen, allowing the flow to happen without my mind observing the result, typoes and all, (which can be repaired after the channelling session), to stay out of the way of the channelling process.

My mind is asking: 'Who am i in all of this?' and the answer is transcending even all of my concepts such as 'past lives' or even the concepts of '8th Density', so we are flowing back to less limited concepts, ones without such clear boundaries as form, or even such concepts of 'I' and 'other' would imply or trigger in normal [mankind] comprehension. So, as celeste's mind attempts to sort through her previous words and comprehensions of what is evolving here, the first one we are releasing is '8D', which becomes much less a 'source' or 'place' and more of a neighborhood, and we are more focussing in on the name 'crystal faeries' as our 'name' to access us from 'thinking space' typically contemplated by many [mankind], i.e., anyone who might be reading these limited word descriptions.

"celeste asks for clarification on each of the words and their convergence in our name we are now using as a focal point. The 'crystal' focal point is based in tomril's history and lineage of experience and manifestation, from the crystaline reality of the original tomril universe, through the ishnaan manifestation or recreation thereof within this galaxy when the tomril family of beings came to this realm. The portal between the tomril universe and this galaxy was reopened by tomril in the 1986 integration work and has resulted in more fluidity of exchange of energies and flow of beings between realms, but of most significance was tomril's work to integrate akashic records between the universes in support of all the crystaline tomril beings having all necessary information to freely flow between the realities and fully function in either one. This was in contrast to the history of separation, where there was a distinct boundary between the before time, and the specific migration of tomril and a specific group of entities who came with tomril to this galaxy forming the new ishnaan realm here, versus the 1986 reconnection of entities between realms, which, while it has not produced a great flow of entitities between realms, more so produced a reseeding of expanded consciousness between the realms which benefitted both. It is, in that tomril is now our primary incarnate voice at this time, especially for the Kaua'i portal work, that we have found affinity with the summary word 'crystal', so associated with the ishnaan beings who still comprise a significant percentage of the pool of beings who now are playing together in this cocreation of expanded possibliites for ascension energetics for Kaua'i."

"It has been much easier for us to work with the fae as transdimensional beings, and to effect healing of Gaia energy grid patterns with their cooperation, so that our 'time' of interaction with this planet has been ongoing yet primarily unseen by most [mankind], and now we are experiencing a blossoming of awareness which allows our presence and greater direct interaction with the ascending [mankind] realm to be brought to light. In large part we shall simply proceed on ahead with our present purpose rather than attempting to bring any focus to the myriad of perceptions and misperceptions [mankind] have mythologized about the history of fae and [mankind] interactions, as we seem to be quite busy enough just juggling the energetics of our prototype 8D ascension portal for Kaua'i :-)"

"Our longer description as 'angelic crystal faeries' is an attempt to put [mankind] words together to give a more accurate 'address' of our energetics, origins, nature, and purpose in facilitating [mankind] now bridging to access our realm as one of many possibilities in ascension beyond the limitations of the 4D- realms of bounded experience. The 'angelic faeries' portion of our focal name here combines the two primary [mankind] concepts of the 'winged ones' of positive light and love intent and the realms we are cooperating and cocreating with in our present energetics work with Kaua'i's energy grid. Kaua'i was chosen as the most ready and most isolated of realities for which we could initiate our energetic bridge while yet much of the Gaian expression of [mankind] is still bound to lower density limitations precluding our direct presence and the possiblity of advanced grid energetics, and so we now focus upon our prototype 8D ascension portal for Kaua'i as the most appropriate, complete, and flowing connection or rainbow bridge between our realms."

"celeste returns with tea and begins through now open eyes to actually cognize what local time is as she channels this :-) celeste asks for some clarification with regards to the generations of 'kids', and any confusion around similar namings. celeste notes her traditional perspective she's had since her 1985 awakening, that 'it's all just entities and energies', and that she has not much kept track of 'groups' of entities as have been categorized by others as 'crystal kids', but seeks now to clarify any relating or confusion between 'crystal kids' and this group of 'angelic crystal faeries' of which she is clearly part. The crystal faeries are saying now that yes, indeed, as i had suspected much earlier, the 'crystal kids' are a product of the tomril cross-polination in 1986 via the reopened connection between the tomril universe and the ishnaan reality here. The updating of the Milky Way Galaxy akashic records done by tomril at that time in 1986 was the seed of both what is now known as the 'crystal kids' and of our present 'crystal faeries', and yes, there are certainly entities who are members of both groups and a shared core of energetics between them, yet much as two children of same parents differentiate, the groups of crystal kids and crystal faeries, while sharing core energetics and certain akashics records basis, are shall we say 'specializing' in different directions, each of which has a wonderful role in the ascension of [mankind] at this time. Certainly there are a wonderful number of crystal kids here inside the Kaua'ian 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portal who are engaged with both realities and are facilitating their cooperation and coordination, and as such, they bridge and reconnect and cosynthesize between the crystal kids and crystal faeries groups, which are likely due to shared core energetics to continue to crosspolinate with each other as everything progresses. As a summary we could without too much inaccuracy say that the 'crystal kids' carry the core energetics fully integrated in their bodies as individuals, and as a group share that as consciousness, whereas the 'crystal faeries' more carry those core energetics in non physical realms and are bringing those energetics now to the rest of the planet as energy grid activations. We think that gives a flavor of clarification which is not too inaccurate and also makes it clear that as time progresses the energetics become more integrated both 'inner' and 'outer' and there will thus over time be less distinction than there is now, as this becomes integrated in the ascension process."

Yes, enough of channelling for now, happily initiated in the quietest part of the day cycle, and now it can be turned over to the conscious mind to engineer integration with website.
:-) and now as the energies shift a gentle rain starts :-)

[The story continues here...]

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