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17th September 2013

Aloha; A bit of a metaphor to help us navigate now...
as we approach the September 22nd ascension gateway...

On a nice summer day, you may kick-back and sip on your favorite beverage, enjoying the wonderful sunshine either to get a tan, or sit under a 'brolly or tree in the shade because it's too hot out.

Come the hurricane, everyone battens down the hatches, ducks under cover, freaks out, perhaps goes into fear, worries, struggles to prepare for and deal with the scary and dangerous unknown.

The unknown is by nature treated by our egos as threatening, and when threatened we may revert to very immature (young) patterns of (failing at) coping, usually imprinted at very young ages.

What we need to understand, and then be the strong mentor for our family to understand, is that we are in a huge hurricane now, an invisible one, one in the energy fields of the non-physical. So, as we look outside our windows, it may appear a nice day, but inside, in our guts, our feelings, we are feeling primally threatened as we are experiencing internal changes and strong forces.

Our thoughts and feelings are very much influenced by the surrounding electromagnetic fields, and that is all shifting as mother Gaia is close to going through a magnetic pole flip, and currently has a very weakened field, as is being triggered by similar changes in the sun. There's nothing wrong with our relations, or family, we're all freaking-out now in this electro-magnetic hurricane.

All change or forces of change take us out of our comfort zone, and tend to be resisted and to feel threatening. Think of the caterpillar who feels compelled to spin a cocoon and then retreat into it, and then go through a process of transformation into a butterfly. Freak out about it or not, the transformation is huge! We as beings are in a storm of energy changes which are effecting a huge transformation of our reality, internal and external.

Historically, we can all huddle together around the campfire, and share our experience of gratitude for the warmth and light which defend us from the cold and dark of the night. Our souls are in a cold dark knight of unknown, a scary stormy night in some ways.

The challenge is to come together and share a hug of commonality between us in the shared experience, not to blame each other as the cause of the dark stormy night. Guide our family to gather 'round the fire for a warm loving hug.

We need to let go our expectations of each other, and of ourselves. Holding on to our old caterpillar expectations will not serve us when it is time to be flapping our new wings and flying. The changes may not be so outwardly visible as with the butterfly, but are very intense internally, in feeling space, and hugs are what's called for.

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