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11th June 2013

My higher self handed me an 8D portal as the answer to my prayers, that i was not happy being embodied in 4D- reality. i must do what i must do with the portal, though nobody else seems to comprehend it. It is a brand new creation in the whole of the universe. I'm still comprehending it, but it is my life now; working with this energy template from 8D, cocreated with 9D angelics. I'm mostly altering 7D now to match it, pulling through 8D energy patterns with which to heal lower realms. i can't be in the old reality. i must do my new thing. When i could not exit the body, i forced a change. i am that change. My path is that change. i am reborn. i still have a 4D- body, but most of my perspectives through the day are flowing 8D. i can't carry on the usual conversations. I'm not in the old reality, i may be around, but it cannot be as it was. I'm getting very clear that especially with the Hathors included in this, with my new flute, much of this is about sound now. i can barely deal with me, I'm changing so fast. i can't even begin to feel half alive in the old reality. I'm doing all i can to share the 8D portal energetics with Kaua'i!


As i continue to "move" all of my dreams and energies to rebirth and repurpose my life into greater wholeness, i am finding wonderful appreciation for those amazing beings who have shared the journey with me. We are a spiritual family of mutual support for our individual growth paths, or, you just happened to be in the way as the crystal faery flew by and showered you with faery magick dust :-)

A large part of my recent rebirth, which took over a year, involved change of primary role in life from "teacher" and "healer" to "faery magician", and a deeper integration of transcendence of gender to fully integrated ascending being. Thanks to other assistance by friends, all combined to support my re-choosing... and as has always been true my whole life... i find much solace and inspiration from music, and it is that which inspires me now. Our spiritual family here is about mutual support for growth itself, not for or against or towards or from any particular reality, except that we all choose to embrace ascension energetics :-), and we've all chosen to support each other in "growth" itself, with no influence upon each other for what goal of growth the individual may have... i share my experience merely in support of whatever growth you as an individual may be processing.

For me there were two phases of "new" reality... once i had identified and faced honestly the fact of my refusal to live in my circumstances, i was left with a choice point, and with the consequences of such choice. Because we as a spiritual family tend to cross-trigger each other's growth, I'm sharing what I've been through, that it may help you with your version of rebirth.

Ok, so, the first phase beyond: "I'm done with my old reality" was to enter a choice point. As always from my psychic healing tradition, there is nothing more sacred or more important not to influence with outside energies, than a being at their choice point! In my choice point, i was faced with a "minor" issue of rebirth: the choice to live or not, which rarely stands alone, but is usually a part of a bigger question, e.g. "as what?", "how?", "what do you choose to live for?". So i had to contemplate the wholeness of who i am and would become, and whether i had any willingness to be here on the planet.

By now you all know that the outcome of that process was that i chose to live, but i remained in refusal to live in "reality as it was". And so it came to pass, at the higher self level, that an answer to prayers was cocreated, where i had prayed for an alternative reality, and higher self tomril handed me the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Templates, and said... "this is the answer to your prayers".

i immediately recognized this as my truth, and after a year's preparation in rebirth, i said yes to the new energy patterns / reality, and my "mood" shifted from questioning, to a committed choice of new life, and ever since it's been... "you can either join me on the fast track to ascension, or get out of the way..." because i got no time for any dualistic sillyness from now on... i only have time for 5D-8D Faery sillyness! :-) ROTFLOL! So, um, yeah, yeah, what ya' gettin' at, crystal faery? I'm pointing out that i had to let go of all of my old reality and self definition, and all expectations of myself, either internal or external. So, any or all of this may amount to nothing more than airy fairy illusion, or it may trigger for you a deep journey into your authentic self... the only self we can live, and be happy with.

While ultimately this discovery and commitment to living the authentic life of self is all about our inward journey of self discovery, there is also great benefit from a supportive spiritual family who only cares that you grow to be a better you, but are willing to let you be the chooser of what is "better" for you! :-) And it is with that i return to gratitude for all you wonderful beings I'm able to call friends and thank you for your support of my journey... May the outcome, my new enthusiasm, and the 8D ascension portals I've shared with you all, make life more fun and full of Faery Magick!

Now, IFF the information is correct that the first wave of ascension is approaching in September of 2013, and will complete by 2015-09-27, [yes, that did manifest], then we have to ask ourselves... what life do we choose to live in the world in the body, until we choose to ascend, when, in which wave?

With big huggies and lots of Faery dust, and big Mahalo's to each of my friends who played an integral and important part in this progression, Aloha, celeste of the family of crystal faeries.

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