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4th June 2013

On 2013-06-04 tomril via the celeste:crystalfaery incarnation announced the cocreation and invocation of, an 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal, and an energy template including the pre-fall consciousness grid of Lemuria together upon Kaua'i to bring the presence of now 4D manifestation of Faery realm reality from the 9D angelics ascension codes, and the new tomril crystal faeries ascension codes carried by tomril from the tomril crystalline universe and seeded in the ishnaan world of this galaxy, are now allowing the fae to better arrive and facilitate our now 4D (since 2012-12-21 solstice) embodied reality. (For reference, the Reiki beings and many healers operate from 7D.) This brings us a quantum leap forward on Kaua'i, and, because it is going to flush incompatibile reality from Kaua'i, creating changes, such as GMO just won't grow here anymore, nor can (other forms of) corruption. Restoring the divine garden template is a non trivial mission, for which everyone can help, just by being willing to allow the possibility. This brings us a quantum leap forward.

Upon this first public notice of claiming the Garden Island Kaua'i as the kuleana of the tomril family of 8D Angelic crystal faeries, there were no protests. Upon the expiration of 30 days, i.e, as of 2013-07-04, silence having constituted consent, The Garden Isle, Kaua'i, in dimensions 8D down through 4D is under the caretaking and responsibility and liability of the tomril family of 8D Angelic crystal faeries, the the only entities willing to be karmicly liable for Kaua'i. The 3D physical world's management remains in the commercial liability of the corpse-oration THE COUNTY OF KAUA'I, INCORPORATED, which is 100% liable for all corporate fictions it has licensed to be present upon the land here, or which, it has licensed to be present upon the high seas of commerce, or within Kaua'i Sovereign Space.

This is the most recent manifestation of our 8D ascension energetics, serving only the downward flow portion of the individual portals... it is intended to be placed as a blessing for a group of entities, and / or for a "place" to be blessed. Since these portals carry both a specific frequency range for activation of those receiving the energetics, and the akashic records information (the portal templates), anyone visiting the "space" of such a portal is both uplifted energetically towards the frequency of the 8th Density, and is provided (if aware and willing) with a copy of the template through the portal, which they may then activate and manifest as their own individual ascension portal. This is the model of portal which celeste invoked into manifestation, specifically for the island of Kaua'i. Since then celeste has been creating other copies where requested. It is a particular mission of celeste to maintain the integrity and presence of this portal for Kaua'i.

Faery blessings, celeste.

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